Service Partners

We work closely with numerous service partners in the Boulder area—trusted professionals on whom we rely to provide our clients with knowledge, expertise, and insights outside our core competency areas. Comprised of established thought leaders in their respective specialty areas, we may recommend and incorporate the advice of these trusted professionals.



We have chosen the following institutions as our strategic partners to assist us and our clients with their wealth management needs.


  Dimensional Funds provides a revolutionary approach to investment management that is unique to the investment world, based primarily upon extensive academic research. Financial advisors must be approved to use Dimensional Funds and go through a series of seminars to understand their philosophy and investment strategy. Their funds are limited to a select group of fee-only financial advisory firms across the world.


 TD Ameritrade is committed to serving the needs of independent financial advisory firms. We recommend them as the primary custodian for our client’s accounts. They provide us with an abundance of resources from their technology platform to reporting services, which helps us run our business in an efficient and effective manner.


  CEG Worldwide LLC., is a leader in providing consulting services and research to elite financial advisors around the world. We work extensively with CEG to improve upon our skills and foundations as wealth managers in an effort to better serve our clients.



   MyStockOptions.Com provides us the ability to monitor and track stock option grants for our clients. They provide a comprehensive list of articles detailing the intricacies of stock options as well as many other tools pertaining to stock options.
 Dedicated Defined Benefit Services helps us implement Defined Benefit Plans for our high income self-employed clients and small business owners. We work with Dedicated DB to set up and administer the Defined Benefit plan while we provide the investment expertise and manage the retirement portfolio for the Defined Benefit Plan.

The BAM Advisor Services, LLC (“BAM”) 401(k) solution is built for advisors, by advisors. Our relationship with the BAM Advisor Services, LLC (“BAM”) 401k program allows us to provide 401k retirement plan solutions to our self-employed and business owner clients. Together, we provide advisor-managed portfolios from an independent, fee-only fiduciary advisor; fiduciary liability protection and fee transparency.


While we rely on these partners, the investment advice you receive is always our own.

The views, opinion, information and content provided here are solely those of the respective authors, and may not represent the views or opinions of Diversified Asset Management, Inc.  The selection of any posts or articles should not be regarded as an explicit or implicit endorsement or recommendation of any such posts or articles, or services provided or referenced and statements made by the authors of such posts or articles.  Diversified Asset Management, Inc. cannot guarantee the accuracy or currency of any such third party information or content, and does not undertake to verify or update such information or content. Any such information or other content should not be construed as investment, legal, accounting or tax advice. 

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