At Diversified Asset Management, Inc., our fee-only wealth management and financial planning services are designed to address the complex financial needs of successful individuals, families, and business owners—including retirement plan consulting services for those offering 401(k) and 403(b) plans to their employees.


For many of our clients, managing the transition into retirement is a key concern—whether that transition is months or years in the future. From managing current assets, to helping select and implement appropriate investment vehicles, to creating retirement “paychecks,” we serve as our clients’ Chief Financial Officer, removing the burden of day-to-day asset management from the “to-do” list. The result: our clients have the freedom to focus on managing their careers, running their businesses, or enjoying their well-earned retirement.


Using our advanced planning process, we work with each client to carefully evaluate his or her goals, values, personal relationships, existing advisors, and any other factors that may influence the individual’s financial life. Based on this profile, we work together to create and implement a comprehensive wealth management plan with a focus on mitigating taxes and protecting assets.


Our services include:

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